Why so much?

Lots of folks are asking us “Is this for real? Is it really $12K?”

Yes, it is, but realize that the Lift eFoil is a super high quality piece of sporting equipment. The components are all incredibly well made and honestly, it really exceeded our expectations. The pictures on the right are from the day our demo arrived and I was assembling the eFoil.

This same “exceeded our expectations” happened when I resisted purchasing the Onewheel Electric Skateboard because I though the price was too high. The concept looked intriguing, the quality looked good, but I though it was too much money for the product. Then, after much prodding from some friends and family that had them, I decided to get one.

From the first day, I realized that the experience of riding this type of electric board was like nothing else! There was really nothing that compared, and the quality was exceptional. Within a week, we applied to become a reseller for the Onewheel and have sold dozens already to many, many stoked riders!

With the eFoil, I knew for a long time that I really wanted an electric foil. I have watched many developers and asked incessantly about when they would become available. Most of them just said “someday soon” without any finite date.

When I found the Lift eFoil, I contacted them right away about becoming a reseller in our area. I had procrastinated already with the Onewheel, and I wasn’t about to make that same mistake. We worked it out, and our initial order was placed. Within a few weeks, they managed to get my demo out to me, and it was more than what I expected!

At first, it was humbling – I have surfed all my life, but the foil is a very different animal. The balance is different, the turns have lift, the throttle takes getting used to, but once you start getting up onto the foil, your whole perspective changes! Plus if you fall, you just go splash in the water – such embarrassing fun!

The foil gives the sensation of flying over the water and feels like nothing else! The experience is remarkable, all I can say is that you have to try it for yourself to see and feel it! It is totally unique.

It exceeded my expectations!

eFoil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard Controller
eFoil Propeller
eFoil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard

From their Website:

Inside the eFoil

The Lift electric hydrofoil takes advantage of modern technology and expert craftsmanship to create something state-of-the-art.  The eFoil offers an amazing experience with hardware that’s built to last.

Lithium Ion Battery – Our batteries are engineered and made in California, featuring the most advanced battery cell technology, battery management system, and high energy density. Ride for up to an hour, recharge in two hours.

Wireless Hand Controller – Bluetooth enabled control for your ride with built in safety features and display that lets riders intuitively control speed up to 25 mph.

Silent Electric Motor – No sound, no lag, and maximum torque on demand, all with low maintenance. The hydrodynamic torpedo design gives riders a smooth ride with low drag.

Carbon board and foil – Our decade of experience in making foils comes into play with ultra-premium construction and hand finishes for a board built both to perform and to last under heavy usage.

Standard and sport configurations – The eFoil comes in E1 standard and E1 sport configurations, with multiple wing options to give choices for discerning users.

Easy Transport – The board, battery, foil and wing all break down for easy transport and setup with included case, making it easy to get to the water.

Learn even more on their website: Liftfoils.com