$600 – $1500 depending on ability and school

Certified Instruction
The government does not regulate paramotor instruction. No license is required and anyone can hang out a shingle calling themselves an instructor. The problem is, how does a new pilot know whether the individual or school follows safe practices, has a thorough training program or even has the knowledge and skills to teach students? That is why we have a certification program.

Our sport’s minimal regulation was setup because the government essentially (and fortunately) lets us do our own thing, including hurt ourselves individually, as long as we don’t take anyone up with us. No passenger, minimal regulation. But then you don’t want to get hurt.

To safely fly powered, you must get training from an instructor intimately familiar with the intricacies of motor flying and, even better, your specific brand. Our Dealer Network consists of Certified Instructors ready to answer your questions and get you flying in the friendly skies!

Why Certified?
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