Onewheel Electric Skateboard
Onewheel Electric Skateboard
Onewheel Electric Skateboard
Onewheel Electric Skateboard
Onewheel Electric Skateboard
Onewheel Electric Skateboard

Onewheel Demo

The original Onewheel by Future Motion.

Onewheel+ XR (Extended Range) is available now.

Come try the best electric skateboard available today!

For surfers, skateboarders, snowboarders, wake borders, windsurfers, kite boarders, foil borders and similar, the Onewheel gives excellent core balance exercise and use the same muscle groups and coordination as your sport does. It’s like riding a wave for close to an hour, without having to paddle or kite up a sail or even go in the water. It will never replace these sports, but it’s the best thing you can do in between the times you actually get to enjoy your passion to keep you in shape for it!

You don’t even have to go very fast to enjoy the sensation of carve that these incredible little machines can give you.

For surf kite foil boards especially, the Onewheel uses the same front to back balancing for speed and height above the water as well as the side to side motion for turning as the surfkite propelled foil boards do. There is no skateboard out there that works like this, it’s completely different and unique.

Inspired by the feeling of surfing and/or snowboarding on powder, this 2 horsepower beast turns pavement into your playground. Onewheel’s dynamic stabilization creates lean-to-go control and allows you to carve silky smooth heel and toe turns on and off road that so closely resemble the sensation of surfing that you’ll ride this thing whenever you can’t be in the ocean!

Forget the other “one-wheel” imitations, they are cheap and flimsy knock-offs of this remarkable machine. The Onewheel by Future Motion will outlast, outperform and ultimately redefine this type of riding machine.

I have a few demo Onewheel+XR boards available to ride which are also for sale. These are in excellent shape with only minor signs of use, all of which function perfectly. I have brand new Onewheel+XR units available. Most days, we ride these out at a local dirt area on the Mesa – just text me for the location.

The retail price for the Onewheel+XR is $1799 (fender not included). While that may seem steep, there is NOTHING that compares to this design. I’ve heard folks say that they can make one for less, but just let me know if anyone can….

The design of this unit is so great, the durability, the smoothness, the carving sensation, the acceleration in either direction by just leaning that it is totally worth it. Once you try it, you will be hooked and will likely ride it as much as I do!

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Come try the best, most intuitive “electric skateboard” you will ever experience – the Onewheel!! Local inquiries only please.

Look at a couple of short videos I have made so far: