Learn to Ride

Riding the Onewheel is about as intuitive as it gets. It will only take a short bit of practice to learn and enjoy the unique balance and sensation of carving that the Onewheel is famous for. Learning to ride it safely will take a bit of understanding about how it works and some of its quirks.

Leaning forward makes it go faster, lean back and it slows down. Tilt your feet to your toes or to your heel and you will produce a turn – similar to surfing and snowboarding. It is very intuitive and challenging at the same time. That’s why the Onewheel is so great – it is like no other skateboard available today! Learn to Ride the Onewheel.


It is important to understand what Pushback is and how to react to it before you ride, especially before you ride fast! Pushback is your “early warning” system that something is amiss, whether it is because of an overcharge from going downhill, because the battery needs recharging, or because you are approaching DNE (Do Not Exceed) speed.

The Onewheel has certain limitations, and you must respect these parameters or you could get seriously hurt. There are plenty of reports of folks that fell and some were seriously injured because they did not understand the warning signs, pushed the board beyond the limit, and were jolted to the ground. Don’t be a statistic, be smart and learn about Pushback.

Take the Time

Do your homework and learn to ride safely. A little time and patience could save you a lot of grief, and keep you on your feet and having fun!

On the right is a great video made by a guy that has some very good thoughts and observations about the Onewheel+.

Also, visit the Onewheel Support Page for more Riding Tips.

Enjoy the Carve!!