Pro Tips

Welcome to Prop Tips, where folks can learn even more about specific riding techniques for the eFoil from Lift. A very exciting part of being involved with this product is seeing what eFoil users are doing with their new toy. If you have seen something good, don’t hesitate to send us a link or photo of it at the email at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

In the video below, Colin Guinn, one of the most active eFoil riders, goes through some pro-tips around using and having the most fun with your eFoil.

Behind the Scenes

First ride, initial reactions and interview of the Lift Foil team.

Laird Lifts Off!

Lift just got back from an unbelievable week in Hawaii with Laird Hamilton. Check out some of the footage that we captured and get Laird’s take on the future of foiling.