Lift eFoil Lesson & Demo

Sorry, we are not doing DEMO/LESSONS at this time due to medical reasons. We have left the following info on the website for reference only:

  • Come try the best electric hydrofoil surfboard available today in Santa Barbara!
  • We are the local (Southern California) reseller for the Lift eFoil.
  • We have a demo board available to ride which, at this time, is also for sale.
  • For $300, we will give a one-on-one lesson and let you demo our E1 (5′ 6″ x 28″) eFoil for an hour. Should you decide to purchase within 30 days, the Demo cost will be applied in full towards the purchase price.
  • The best way to prepare for this first ride is to watch Lift’s video #5: Your First Ride on this page: How-To Videos.
  • In Santa Barbara, you will want to wear a wetsuit for warmth!
  • A Credit Card, Driver’s License and our Waiver will be required in order to participate in this activity.
  • Our Lesson/Demo is available by appointment only.
  • Contact Chad Bastian at 805-403-1859 for details.
eFoil Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard